The Posavac Hound

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Subsection: 12
History: The breed was registered with the FCI 08.04.1955.god. under the number 154 as "kraski gonic". Apart from minor amendment to the standard was changed to the name of the "posavski gonic".
Country of Origin: Croatia

General appearance

Performance: Dog compact build, medium-sized. Red, wheat rufous color, usually with white collar and white markings on the head,chest, the lower parts of the legs and tail tip. Moderately lively temperament, good temper.
Height: Lowest 46 cm max 58 cm. Recommended height for males 50 cm and 48 cm for females.
Length: Hull to 11-13% longer than its height.
Using: Good and persistent beater. Usually high voice, resonant and clear.


Opis: Long and narrow head, from occiput to muzzle 20-24 cm. The forehead hollowed out, not too broad, easily raised, rounded top, and occipital bone well defined. Nasal bridge straight, and can be easily protruded.
Stop: Visible, but not too hard.
Njuška: Poduga, ravnomerno razvijena.
Nose: Wide, dark, blackish or dark brown (chestnut).
Lips: Medium thick, clinging to jaw, upper easily exceeding the lower. Lip angle closed. Dark to black pigmentation.
Teeth: Strong, complete and scissors.
Eyes: Thick, with fitting eyelids. The iris is dark, and the bright outlook.
Ears: With the head straight fall, the tips rounded, thin, reaching at least to the lip corners (bit), straight.


Profile: Upper line slightly convex in profile section.
Form: Moderately long, muscular, placed obliquely in.
Skin: With his neck stretched.


The general appearance: Dorsal line straight.
Ridge: Withers pronounced.
Back:Withers back part of the debt. The loin is moderately long, wide, muscular, strong and well connected with the rump.
Croup: Full, slightly arched and moderately oblique. Hips it less noticeable. Thorax: Long, wide and deep. Nicely rounded. Chest moderately broad. Top of the sternum is not protruded too.
Abdomen and flanks: Abdomen tucked. Loins slightly marked.
Tail: The following lines of croup. At the root is strong, moderately long (up to the hock) and curved saber-up. Good and densely furred. On the underside of the tail allowed longer hair.


The general appearance: Strong bones. Position of the front legs moderately protruded. Viewed frontally medium width.
Shoulders:It is slant, long and muscular and well fitting to the chest.
Upper arm: Full and muscular.
Forearm: Vertical.
Elbow: Nor protruding, neither too close.
Pastern joint: Moderately expressed.
Pasterns: Short and slightly obliquely.
Clutches: Clenched, more cat-like than hare, full and hard cheekbones and soles. Nails hard and preferably be pigmented.

Back legs

The general appearance: The attitude back legs, seen from the side is protrudes.
Thighs: Medium length, broad and muscular.
Lower leg: Widely knee, and lower leg slanting and longer.
Ankle joint: Strong.
Rear pastern: Medium and long steep. Dew claws, if any, should be removed.
Clutches: As the front legs.
Gait: Balanced and lively moderate. Not particularly resilient.
Skin: Elastic, clinging to the body and without folds.
Whisker: 2-3 cm long, hard, dense and well adherent. Abdomen well covered. On the lower side of the abdomen, thighs and rear underside of the tail slightly longer hair.
Color: The basic color is reddish wheat in all nuances (In no case dark brown chocolate color). White markings on the head in the form of flowers, stars, stripes, rob, spots, minor stains. Usually white the collar or lines under the neck, white on chest, the abdomen and lower parts of the legs of the tail. Preferably, the white markings are described in all areas but in no case do not exceed one-third of primary colors.


Easier: Weaker pigmentation of mucous membranes. Incorrect proportion between the height and length. Protruding hips, barrel-shaped chest. Tail set too high. Set position of the front or rear legs, soft and extremely the slanted pasterns. Throatiness. The curve forearm and strongly convex elbow.
Disqualification: Insufficient or excessive height. Too blunt, too pointed or even curved snout. Protruding or too short, too low or too high-set ears. Total depigmentation of the visible mucous membranes. Fish eyes. Too long hair. Curl or even the side of the bent tail. Broom-tail. Any color other than white patterns, especially greyish (sprayed) or even blackish. Undershot or overshot, teeth incomplete and other degenerative defects.

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